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Meditation Experience in the Ordination ProgramMeditation Experience in the Ordination Program
เสาร์ 07 ก.พ. 52 ชม 6,481 ครั้ง
Meditation Experience in the Ordination Program of comemorating Grandma Master Chand's 100th Birth Anniversary.

A stream of water falling down in my stomach..A stream of water falling down in my stomach..
พุธ 28 ม.ค. 52 ชม 6,137 ครั้ง
My family was Chinese-School Buddhists;we paid respect to Chinese Gods and offered food to our ancesters. We had little knowledge of real Buddhism. When I was a university student, I lived my life in a very worldly and reckless way which I thought was fullfiling like going out at nights and drinking. This lifestyle gave me a lot of troubles at the time but I did not know the way out. However, Meditation and studying Buddhist Dhamma have changed my life. I grew more patient and conscious, able to avoid all kinds of circumstances that would cloud my mind.I stopped taking sleeping pills,drinking, going out at nights and being short-tempered and started to accruing merits.......

พฤหัสบดี 08 ม.ค. 52 ชม 6,167 ครั้ง

พุธ 07 ม.ค. 52 ชม 6,047 ครั้ง

อังคาร 06 ม.ค. 52 ชม 6,045 ครั้ง

ศุกร์ 26 ธ.ค. 51 ชม 5,920 ครั้ง

The easiest way to gain the biggest MeritThe easiest way to gain the biggest Merit
พฤหัสบดี 25 ธ.ค. 51 ชม 6,098 ครั้ง
However overjoyed I felt from the merits I got from asking other people to make merit(do goodness), I felt that the merits I made for myself was more important. But then again I thought, " A poor person like myself does not have a lot of money to give to charity, how can I get a lot of merit?" . Suddenly the words of wisdom from a respectable monk came to mind, "The easiest way that a person can gain the biggest merit without spending any money is practicing meditation." Those words of wisdom were the stating point that inspired me to meditate.

The bright spot in the middle of the MoonThe bright spot in the middle of the Moon
พุธ 17 ธ.ค. 51 ชม 6,060 ครั้ง
The bright spot in the middle of the moon existed amidst a very huge hollow sphere. I could feel the sphere's enormous size because I could not tell where its end was. This bright spot brought me the feeling of peace all through my body. Practicing Meditation is the beauty of life.

A bright mind leads me to be a better personA bright mind leads me to be a better person
เสาร์ 29 พ.ย. 51 ชม 5,967 ครั้ง
Venerable Luang Phaw Dhammajayo is like the sun that gives light which eradicates the darkness in people's minds. I am one of the people who learned the bright Right path of life from Luang Phaw. I tranformed from the person who never believed in the afterlife, Hell and Heaven,and perform bad deeds which would lead me to Hell to be the person who performs good deeds and have Heaven as my future afterlife, Nirvana as my goal and the utmost of Dhamma as the ultimate goal. Thanks to the trip to Panawat Meditation Retreat, I've changed to be a person who is now close to the temple inside out.

Losing inner strengthLosing inner strength
จันทร์ 01 ธ.ค. 51 ชม 5,973 ครั้ง
Recently, I have been feeling that my inner strength has been fading away and I don't know why. I've been exercising regularly but it still makes me feel physically and mentally exhausted. My boss then suggested me to meditate and it did rescue me.

I was lost inside but Meditation rescued meI was lost inside but Meditation rescued me
พุธ 05 พ.ย. 51 ชม 5,873 ครั้ง
I used to keep anger and angst in my heart. They gradually became heavier and heavier until they ate up all parts of my heart and took control of me. I got more angry,depressed and lonely. I drank and refused to eat. I tortured myself in many ways. I felt agitated and tempermental all the time feeling like things were not going to get better if I was still in this state of mind. I was totally lost inside. Knowing what I was going through, my mum introduced me to meditation. And,surprisingly,it rescued me.

Only keep stilling the mindOnly keep stilling the mind
อังคาร 04 พ.ย. 51 ชม 6,229 ครั้ง
My meditation progressed through me stilling the mind. Stilling(the mind) made the mind become clearer and purer. I saw Dhammakaya (the Buddha image within)clearer by stilling the mind without applying any force. I gradually felt like I was inside Dhammakaya.

Due to my merit, I got to see itDue to my merit, I got to see it
จันทร์ 03 พ.ย. 51 ชม 5,968 ครั้ง
Finally, I lost the sense of physical suffering, not feeling pain anymore. I then felt physically relaxed and I saw Dhammakaya in a crystal clear ball in a Top-view perspective lining up like the ones I saw on DMC.

ศุกร์ 31 ต.ค. 51 ชม 5,857 ครั้ง

How to keep the mind free from getting stressed during MeditationHow to keep the mind free from getting stressed during Meditation
พุธ 29 ต.ค. 51 ชม 6,095 ครั้ง
I felt overjoyed and happy in such a way I haven't expereinced before. Happiness through meditation excels all other kinds of happiness. I smiled all day and felt like sharing this great joy to people around me. Then, I realized that this is why Luang Phaw(Dhammajayo)wishes for everyone around the world to meditate in order to gain such joy and happiness.

What I want to tell anyone who hasnWhat I want to tell anyone who hasn't reached Dhammakaya
จันทร์ 27 ต.ค. 51 ชม 5,869 ครั้ง
I was doing what the teaching monk told me, relaxing my mind and not thinking of anything. Suddenly, there was a spot of bright light like the sun apprearing at the center of my stomach. Then, I saw a long crystal clear tube appearing to draw the sun into. The sun then moved down and reached the end of the tube.

Amazing Results from MeditationAmazing Results from Meditation
อังคาร 14 ต.ค. 51 ชม 6,090 ครั้ง
Suddenly, the 220 volt electricity was running into my body and caused my hands to stick to the metal plate. I felt so much pain all through my body,to the tips of my toes. I felt like I was going to die. I then closed my eyes, trying to embrace death consciously, letting go of all attachments and settling my mind at the seventh base.(the center of the body)

Meditation is so GoodMeditation is so Good
เสาร์ 27 ก.ย. 51 ชม 5,811 ครั้ง
As soon as I finished making resolutions,there was a spot of light appreaing at the center of my body. In that spot of light,I saw the most amazing thing in my life which was the most venerable Phramongkolthepmuni(Sodh Candasaro,Luang Pu Wat Pak Nam)meditating at the center of my body. Moreover,Luang Pu was very bright with a Golden aura like his body was all gold.

Stilling the mind makes me happyStilling the mind makes me happy
อังคาร 02 ก.ย. 51 ชม 5,917 ครั้ง
During intervals, the brightness was still within me. It made me feel so happy in the way I could not describe,as if my mind was filled with joy so much I could cry. When I got back from Panawat Meditaton Retreat, I continued meditation every day. During the day, I'd see the brightness but I might not see the Dhammakaya(a clear Buddha image)all the time. However, I'd see it clearly in meditation.

Falling for MyselfFalling for Myself
จันทร์ 01 ก.ย. 51 ชม 5,883 ครั้ง
The teaching monk taught us to visualize any kind of Buddha image we liked. I could do that but got a little indecisive when it came to choosing only one to focus on since I had so many in mind. I could not visualize a crystal ball for I felt that it was impossible to have a crystal clear ball which was normally quite heavy in my stomach. I then decided to go back to Bangkok. However, I did not do so due to the fact that I was astounded by Luang Phaw Dhammajayo's meditation advice carved on the stone in front of the meditation hall,saying that " Can you just only still your mind?"

Emerging indefinitelyEmerging indefinitely
ศุกร์ 29 ส.ค. 51 ชม 6,063 ครั้ง
One night,around 1 am, I had a dream. In the dream, I saw the Master Nun Chandra Koon-Nok-Yoong and she said " You have to sit longer if you want to be able to attain Dhammakaya Knowledge" then she sat meditating for me to watch all night untill dawn. This greatly boosted my determination to meditate regardless of how late I finished work.

My meditation resultsMy meditation results
จันทร์ 25 ส.ค. 51 ชม 5,789 ครั้ง
Meditation makes my face and skin radiant. I sleep easier, have a good dream, have better appetite and stop having headaches. It also gives good results connerning my every day life, my mind and my work. I've transformed myself from a hot-tempered and heedless person into a calmer person whose mind is serene all the time. No matter how big any problems are, I stay calm and reasonable, able to find solutions to the problem in a systematic way.

This was due to my virtuous FriendThis was due to my virtuous Friend
เสาร์ 23 ส.ค. 51 ชม 5,888 ครั้ง
The shop owner's wife asked the staffs to do Morning and Evening Chanting and meditate before opening the shop around half an hour to an hour everyday. Also, the owner gave me and my friend the opportunity to participate in one-week Meditation Program at Pu-Rue Meditation Retreat in Leoi Province.

A Hill-Tribe Young Man who attained DhammakayaA Hill-Tribe Young Man who attained Dhammakaya
ศุกร์ 22 ส.ค. 51 ชม 5,945 ครั้ง
About 10 minutes later,I felt lighter and while sitting a little longer I felt like there was something appearing in my stomach, then I saw a clear Buddha image. The Buddha image illuminated, as bright as the mid-day sun. I kept on stilling my mind untill the end of that session.

A Role-Model YoungsterA Role-Model Youngster
พฤหัสบดี 21 ส.ค. 51 ชม 5,883 ครั้ง
I attained inner peace and happiness from meditation. After the program, I then meditated everyday untill it became my routine. I would feel uncomfortable on any day I did not meditate. Meditating everyday makes me feel light, happy and relaxed in every body position. My grades are better. My thought, my words and my actions have been changed for the better.

Leaving my home like a bird leaving its nestLeaving my home like a bird leaving its nest
พุธ 20 ส.ค. 51 ชม 5,968 ครั้ง
After the big merit event of the first female Dhamma-Thayart(Dhamma Program for female teenage girls) at Wat Bhudda Gothenberg, we had another big merit event of the third Novice Monks Ordination Program during July 13-27 2008. The ceremony was held on Sunday July 20th.

What IWhat I've gained from Meditation
อังคาร 19 ส.ค. 51 ชม 5,744 ครั้ง
I had a strong feeling that I'd gain a lot of benefits from meditation and what I thought was right. From the very first moments I was there, I felt unbelievable joy and did not feel any worries. Being a part of this meditation program has been such an amazing experience.

The Sun at the Center of my BodyThe Sun at the Center of my Body
จันทร์ 18 ส.ค. 51 ชม 5,734 ครั้ง
I've found the landmark of the mind by visualizing the sun at the center of my body. Suddenly, I found very bright spot of light . It was the feeling of infinity between my self and the universe. Being able to see the sun at the center of my body and see the center spot of the inner light is such an undescribable experience.

Peace for AfricaPeace for Africa
เสาร์ 16 ส.ค. 51 ชม 5,819 ครั้ง
When I kept stilling my mind at the center of my stomach, I could see the image in a three-dimensional way. The image kept expanding to all directions untill it turned to be a round object. That round object was gradually drawing me inside it untill I felt I was at the center of the round object. It then encircled my body and mind.

II'm so Happy
พุธ 13 ส.ค. 51 ชม 5,891 ครั้ง
I advised my mum who lives in Thailand to practice generosity, observe precepts,meditate and watch DMC. My mum goes to observe precepts at the temple near our house every Buddhist Holy Day. I always call her and tell her that " Dear Mum, you should make as much merit as you can. We don't know when we die. Only merit can help you and is your real refuge which will follow you everywhere you go.

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